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Unity Kitchen


Unity Kitchen

Who They Are 

Unity Kitchen is a social enterprise set up by The Camden Society. They run five cafes in five different location throughout London: Oxford House in Bethnal Green, St Luke's Centre in Old St, The Royal Artillery Museum in South East London, Lewisham library and run the in house cafe at Southwark Council's London Bridge offices. Every penny of profit they make goes back into the enterprise, creating more apprentices, to help more people. They also have a strong focus on environmental sustainability, with procedures in place to minimise their impact on the environment. 

What They Do

Unity Kitchen takes on apprentices with a range of disabilities, and supplies training and support to enable them to become qualified members of the catering workforce. They do not only run the five kitchens as mentioned above but also offer large scale events catering, in the past providing catering solutions for such esteemed events as a Keats House poetry function, and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. The thing that most stands out about Unity Kitchen is the fact that, despite the original purpose of the organisation being the provision of training and jobs for people with disabilities, their focus on food quality has never swayed, and they continue to provide a competitive service throughout all their branches. 

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34b York Way
N1 9AB

T: +44 (0) 20 7113 4221

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