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Sun and Seed Approved Supplier

Sun and Seed


Sun and Seed

Who They Are

Sun and Seed was started as a family business more than 18 years ago and has since become a co-operative including numerous farms from all over Eastern Europe. They started off by producing pumpkin and sunflower seed oils from plants grown on the fertile and unpolluted land of Vojvodina, North Serbia. Gaining organic certification was not a challenge for Sun and Seed as the Bosnian war created circumstances in which Bosnian farmers became isolated, and did not have access to the types of chemicals and pesticides communally used by other European farmers so that "after ten years of conflict the fields had become organic, clean of chemicals, almost by mistake"

What They Do

Today the Sun and Seed co-operative supply a range of organic and award-winning seed based products to businesses across the UK. Their focus on environmental sustainability in exemplary, not only do they refuse to use harmful chemicals to protect their crops, but all their jars are made from recycled glass, and all the waste they generate is either composted or used as fuel, as a result of which their farm in Serbia is almost completely self sufficient.

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34b York Way
N1 9AB

T: +44 (0) 20 7113 4221

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