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Teds Top 10 Tips

Teds Top 10 Tips

Ted's Top 10 Tips on bringing down your culinary carbon footprint 

 1.    Always try to use local, seasonal and ethical food and drink. It’s often cheaper, uses less packaging and tastes much better as well as being a whole lot healthier for you.

2.    Buying local produce doesn’t have to be difficult and by avoiding airfreight as much as possible you will dramatically cut your carbon footprint as well as helping the local community – get to know your local butcher, fishmonger and deli or find a local farm shop or market by going to

3.    Limiting your red meat intake helps reduce carbon but if you are buying meat try and look out for RSPCA Freedom Food or make sure it’s from Britain with British Meat Assured standard or Red Tractor kite marks.

4.    Try and compost all your vegetable waste – if you don’t have a garden or any outdoor space, why not find a local allotment owner, who will probably love to take it and compost it for there for you:   

5.    Where possible, try not to use cling film and food bags, as they are not usually biodegradable. It is better to use a saucer or plate to cover food in the fridge.

6.    If you’re not sure where a fresh product comes from, then just ask the retailer for more information.

7.    Better quality pots and pans are a great investment, not only do they retain heat for cooking, but they’ll probably save on the elbow grease when washing up!  Also remember to always use the lids on pots and pans when cooking as this also heats food quicker, using less carbon emissions.

8.    Bring your meat and vegetables out of the fridge and freezer a little bit earlier, so they take less time to cook.

9.    If you have a steamer sitting around, use it!  It can be used in many, different ways to save energy as well as the best nutrients in food.

10.  Last but not least, try eating a little less. Portion sizes are often too big and it’s a good way to save a little bit of money.

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