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Sustainable Hospitality Solutions

Sustainable Hospitality Solutions

We're thrilled to now offer 'Sustainable Hospitality Solutions' with our new consultant Gemma Birley.

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Sustainability auditing 

  • Visiting the company, undertaking interviews with key staff members (e.g owner/MD, process managers)
    • Entails a review of premises and operations identifying areas for efficiency, identifying risks and opportunities, including an understanding of the culture and management of the business and identifying the potential for the company for integrating sustainability as a core strategic driver. If required a report will be provided with recommendations to move the company forward

Sustainability monitoring and reporting

  • Internal sustainability monitoring and reporting to measure and inspire further progress, as well as developing an annual review for your website/stakeholders. Benchmarking also available within this.

Separate sustainability engagement package

  • Providing advice/support with internal and external communications.

Strategy development

  • Based on the results of the audit, developing a strategy to address sustainability priorities and embed within the business, including roles and responsibilities, objectives, targets and action plan

Sustainability training 

  • Providing bespoke and 'off the shelf' sustainability learning for teams of varying sizes, specialisms and responsibilities

Sustainability coaching and mentoring 

  • Providing support to individuals and small team groups to help them connect more deeply to the opportunities and issues surrounding sustainability

Sustainability innovation 

  • Analysing the existing products or helping identify potential products using the lens of sustainability as the means to create better products and services

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