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Food Talks - December 2017

Food Talks - December 2017

The fourth event in the 2017 Food Talks series is POWER: Is the future of our food in too few hands? and takes place on Tuesday 5th December 2017 (6.30-8.45pm) at the Impact Hub King’s Cross. Market and political power is concentrated in the hands of a few organisations whose dealings along the supply chain are opaque to say the least, and who are not held accountable for their actions. Farmers and small businesses are all too often squeezed out, having to accept very low (or even negative) margins, from the big players at either end of the chain (i.e. big agribusiness companies at one end and major food retailers at the other). Key questions we will explore include:

    • How are different types of power - political, economic, moral influence, control of resources – distributed in the food system, and how can we better understand power relations?
    • If power concentration exists and is undesirable, what are possible fair ways to redistribute that power and/ or to prevent further power concentration?
    • Where power is concentrated, under what circumstances can it be harnessed for good?
    • How can we give more ‘power to the people’? How can we ‘empower’ people?
    • How can we imagine power better in the food system?

Our speakers for this event are Carina Millstone (Executive Director of Feedback Global) and Geoff Tansey (writer, author, curator of the Food Systems Academy and member of the Food Ethics Council). The discussion will be chaired by Ben Reynolds, Deputy Chief Executive of Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming.

Our two expert speakers will present, followed by a Q&A session, then a delicious and free buffet meal (kindly sponsored by Organico and ourselves). The idea of our Food Talks series is to stimulate debate and constructive thinking about the issues that surround the world of food. Please join us!

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Previous Food Talks topics have included:

MONEY: How can we imagine money working better for our food system? 

Wellbeing - how can we eat and live well in the future?

The Psychology of food

- Food Fights and Food Rights

- Fishy Business - is fish a success story for sustainability?

- Waste not want not - arguably we have a food waste epidemic

- Meat Matters - the true cost of cheap meat

- What problems are GM food and feed trying to solve

- How much should we pay for our food?

- Sustainable food uncovered

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