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Karma Cola

Karma Cola

Karma Cola - Drink no Evil

We are huge fans of this fantastic brand (we're stocking them in our new Cafe Think) and are looking forward to working more closely together in the future. Find out a bit more behind their awesome story from the team:

Why Karma?

"The Karma Cola Co began with a guiding principle – to source and produce beverages that were good for the land, good for the growers and good for the people who consume them.

At the heart of what we do is the simple belief that some people genuinely want to buy good things. For us, ‘good’ goes further than looking and tasting good. It means respecting and replenishing resources and the lives of the people who grow and live amongst them.

When we were developing Karma Cola we discovered a couple of things; that cola comes from West Africa and that the world consumes about 1.9 billion cola branded drinks every day (staggeringly, that’s over a million a minute). We also learnt that the people who discovered the name ingredient, the cola nut, have never earned a penny from a thing that’s been part of their daily lives and rituals for thousands of years. So we decided we’d try and do something about that. Every time someone buys a bottle of Karma Cola, part of the proceeds go back to the people who grow cola in Sierra Leone - through the Karma Cola Foundation - to help with projects including infrastructure, education and sustainability.

Our determination to find the highest quality ingredients extends to the other drinks in our range – Gingerella ginger ale and Lemony lemonade. We’ve sourced the best Fairtrade organic ingredients we can find on the planet from countries including West Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Sicily and South America.

We also know that people want to stock and try something that looks good, so we obsessed about the look of our 330ml bottles and 250ml Bans (baby cans). It takes people 0.3 seconds to choose something from its label, so we felt we owed it to our customers to give them something that looks good, and its crucial that the taste delivers beyond expectations.

It’s challenging to get even a tiny bit of recognition in a very crowded marketplace with a few dominant players, especially when most people associate the word cola with a brand name (that’s the second most popular English word after okay), but we’re building our brand by treating our customers with the same respect as our growers and endeavouring to bring them closer together through the transparency of our supply chain."

To find out more, please check out or @karmacolauk

Karma Cola is going to Sierra Leone at the end of this month to show how the money raised though the sale of Karma Cola has helped the communities they work with.


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