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Brunch at The Waterway

Brunch at The Waterway

Brunch at The Waterway 

We recently ran a competition with T.E.D Member The Waterway for one lucky winner to win Valentine's Day brunch for two at The Waterway restaurant in Maida Vale, London by simply tweeting us a brilliant food picture and caption with the hashtag #foodwelove. Here was the winning entry and a great review of the tasty brunch our lovely winner, Ellen Rickford (@bigfoodcrawl), enjoyed.

I had never before heard of a "Set Brunch" but this was what I won thanks to Think.Eat.Drink and their Valentine's day competition for Creative Food Photography. The fabulous thing about such a tradition, is the elimination of the guilt attached to entering a beautiful canal-side Maida Vale restaurant on a sunny Saturday morning, looking down at the menu and promptly ordering 3 breakfast dishes and 2 breakfast drinks each, to set you up for the day.

Very happily, at First Restaurant Group's The Waterway, this particular form of early morning gluttony goes without saying. After receiving our freshly squeezed orange, and hot coffee (we abstained from the champagne cocktails due to a certain amount of sore headedness courtesy of the night before) we awaited out first course: a choice of warm pastries. Between us we went for a Pain Au Chocolat of giant proportions and a Pan Au Raisin with a creamy custard filling. These flakey, buttery delights were swiftly followed by our chosen cooked breakfasts - on this occasion 2 x Eggs Royale: (well it really is a very nice restaurant, and when in Rome and all that) Lightly toasted muffins, topped with layers of salty smoked salmon, perfectly poached eggs, exploding into a pools of saffron yellow the minute our knives grazed their delicate skins, and all topped with a rich and buttery, housemade hollandaise the nutritional details of which I will be happy never to discover! Now, as I'm sure you can imagine, we were by this point, to put it frankly: stuffed. And I am not sure that had anything else been nestled in the shining white china the smiling waitress next set down on our table, would have enabled me to go on. But, what English girl can say no to a bowl of fresh strawberries, whipped cream and honey. Not this one, I can tell you that.

And so it was that we made our exit, thanking and thanking again the friendly staff who had made us feel so at home, loving the folk at Think.Eat.Drink, not only for the Brunch itself, but for the teaching us that this most sacred of meals can in fact be stretched over three glorious courses, and thinking maybe we'd call that place in Soho, and cancel our reservation for lunch.

The Waterway brunch

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