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An Update From Uptown

An Update From Uptown

T.E.D Member Uptown Oil are naturally our resident experts on the sustainable oil industry. Below is an article by the Uptown team, explaining the importance of knowiing where your oil comes from, and why choosiing the right one is integral, not only to the quality of the dishes produced with it, but to the sustination of the planet. 


Sustainable Vegetable Oil and GMO Labelling

There seems to be much misunderstanding about vegetable oils. Mainly concerning whether they are sustainable or not. There is also much confusion as to whether they are regarded as a Genetically Modified Organism.

These two aspects are linked to a certain degree.

We know most vegetable oil (soya)is imported from the Americas. This is a long way to bring the oil and through distance travelled cannot be called sustainable. But worse than this, it is mostly Soya oil the growing of which threatens many habitats resulting in a loss of biodiversity. This is most certainly not sustainable.

Below is a link to an article by the WWF:-

Almost all the oil imported from the Americas is also grown from GM crops, meaning that restaurants using this oil should clearly show this on their menus.

Below is a link to the Food Standards Agency’s view on food labelling:-

And this link shows how the law has been interpreted by one of many local authorities:-

We have concluded therefore that rapeseed vegetable oil from UK and Europe would be most sustainable. This is also GM free. See below:-

Surprisingly many restaurateurs don’t recognise Rapeseed Oil as vegetable oil. Whereas in fact not only is it a fine vegetable oil but the most sustainable and GM free.

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