We are catering consultants with a proven track record. We advise and support a vast array of businesses by helping them to think way beyond their menus with different levels of hospitality consultancy given. Fron new concepts, to key suppliers, we are able to help you save money, stress but most of all time. We are laeding catering consultants & restaurant consultants.

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Catering consultants helping hospitality, catering, restaurant, cafes and 'pop up' business's of all sizes with years of project & operational experience

Key areas where we can help you:

Concept – creating your new food and drink idea

Feasibility Study – is there a need/desire for your new business

Market Research – in-depth study of your new concept idea

Competitive analysis – who, where, price, etc

Full business plan – a full detailed plan for your new food business

Financial analysis - layouts v costs v business aspirations/projections, cost per head, etc

Location study – Where, market, concept fit, etc? High Street or destination site?

Customers journey - Understanding their future experience

Master design - via the F&B concept – mood boards, graphics, logo, etcLegal requirements to launch your new business concept – planning, licences, etc

Design & Build - One company to deliver your project?

Staffing - all levels

The grand launch & beyond!

We can implement many simple operational solutions that will help you become more knowledgeable, profitable, responsible and environmentally aware.

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Think.Eat.Drink - Your first choice hospitality consultants

Get in touch today! - info@thinkeatdrink.co.uk

We are award-winning...

'The Green Award 2008' British Hospitality Association

'Social Enterprise of the Year 2007' Renewal and Regeneration Awards

'Observer food Awards - ‘Best New Restaurant in Great Britain 2007’ '

'National Restaurant Awards 2009 – ‘Sustainable Restaurant of the Year 2009'

Theme Magazine Restaurant & Bar Awards - ‘Best New Restaurant in U.K 2008’

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