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Ahae Press Exhibition - Event

Ahae Press Exhibition - Event

T.E.D and Ahae Press

'Following the success of the exhibition in New York, Ahae Press, Inc. turned their sights to the rest of the world, endeavoring to share Ahae’s message with the most environmentally active and aware city communities worldwide. London soon became a prime objective, and, aware of HRH the Prince of Wales’s consistent dedication to the preservation and promotion of a healthy environment through his Start initiative, Ahae agreed to exhibit a selection of photographs at an event in the gardens of Clarence House, the official residence of The Prince of Wales. At this event, a selection of 20 photographs from the Through My Window collection was displayed on outdoor easels made of walnut.  On the first day of the event, the royal host himself made a tour of the gardens, accompanied by his guests, TM The King and Queen of Malaysia.' (Taken from Ahae's website)


Jamie Grainger Smith worked with Ahae Press to provide a Black Tie sit-down reception dinner for 120 guests. The delicious menu included '123 farm' organic lavender in its dishes.

Ahae menu



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